Hanne Brenken Paintings  
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Hanne Brenken, born in Duisburg, Germany, has had numerous one-person shows at distinguished galleries and museums in Europe and the United States. She has participated also more than 40 group shows and has been avidly collected. Her work is included in the collections of the Guggenheim Museum and the Queens Museum in New York, the Guild Hall museum in East Hampton, New York, the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona and several other museums in Europe. In 1969 a selection of her paintings was included in a special exhibition with artist Roy Lichtenstein at the Munich Museum of Modern Art.

She has been the subject of many articles and is included in standard books on European artists. Her archetypal landscapes are painted in a style completely her own. They have a mysterious power, pulling us into her subconscious world with the tropical growths on enormous leaves, mountains and deserts – a “Landscape of Dreams”, as one well-known art critic called it.

In 2003, after 25 years of life in the United States, Hanne Brenken and her husband, the painter Ricardo Wiesenberg, returned to Europe and were living in Vence on the Côte d’Azur. Ricardo died in 2011, and Hanne Brenken 2019, both in Vence.

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